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Seven Questions With…Hawley Spin Depot


Justin Stoll and wife Misty raise their 3 kids on a small farm 5 miles north of Hawley. Justin was raised on a small homestead about 10 miles north of Hawley, while Misty was a Hawley transplant from Wirt Minnesota. Each has always had a love for music and started collecting music about 2 years ago. The Stoll’s were introduced to the Vinyl record world through Michael Lemoine. Lemoine was raised in Thompson ND and now resides in Hawley. Mike has always had a strong passion for music and has collected music for over 35 years. Some of Mike's favorite artists include Peter Gabriel, Paul Weller and Ryuichi Sakamoto.


The Hawley Spin Depot is located in historic downtown Hawley, selling new and used records, CDs, posters and music home decor. They invite you to come and browse the thousands of great albums we have on display, adding new titles weekly. While you’re there say “hi” to the local owners Justin and Mike–they love to talk music and always have the coffee pot going.  

We asked Hawley’s newest business seven questions…


1. Tell us why you chose Hawley. 


Hawley was a good fit for us. We wanted to bring a cool music store to the community I grew up in.


2. Did your business idea come from a love of music? How did you get the idea? 


Yes…music can be so powerful. Music can spark memories and emotions; it can produce confidence and also bring fear. It can be used to protest and share our emotions when you can’t speak to them. Music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure,and improve sleep quality. Music is really one of the top things we can experience in our life, and we wanted to be a part of that.


3. What is unique about Hawley Spin that we might not expect from a typical music store? 


We offer record cutouts along with a lot of box sets.


4. What are some of the most-valuable items for sale in your store? 


We have a first pressing RL Led Zeppelin 2 record that’s worth quite a bit!


5. What are some challenges currently facing your business, and businesses similar to yours? 


Rising costs, with everything it seems like in the past few years everything is getting more expensive.


6. What’s “hot” in the vinyl record industry that you’d love to share with potential customers? 


“Record Store Day” is coming up on April 20th…one of the biggest record days of the year with many exclusive releases. (We however won’t be participating in this one…we hope to be in the next one this Fall!)


7. How can Hawley best help Hawley Spin? 


We always love hearing what people are looking for, this helps us when finding records to put in the store!


Learn More About Hawley Spin Depot Here:

Website: www.hawleyspindepot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/p/Hawley-Spin-Depot-61550452056663/