Come See The Art!

Nine Local Artists Share Their Talent
Throughout Hawley's Downtown
(HAWLEY, MINN) During the Summer of 2023, Springboard for the Arts, Rethos: Places Reimagined and the City of Hawley awarded nine artists with grants supporting projects in Hawley’s downtown as part of their 2022-23 Artists on Main Street Program. Over the next few months, artists, creatives, culture bearers and makers in the Hawley area supported to lead small projects addressing downtown Hawley’s past, present and future–with the goal of gathering people and building relationships, creating a sense of pride and possibility, and attracting visitors into the downtown.
In April 2023, a workshop was held inviting local artists to submit proposals to a committee made up of Hawley art enthusiasts and city leaders. On June 19, artists were notified that their applications were approved. Those artists received between $1000 and $2000 for their projects. Awarded projects are all expected to beautify Hawley’s downtown area starting in July and running through the Fall season. Those projects provide a variety of art forms including murals, sculptures, cultural dance expositions, gardens, other paint applications and more.
“We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to support local art, support Hawley’s culture and history, and give people even more reasons to visit Hawley and be inspired,” shared Hawley Economic Development Advisor Board Member Lee Schwartz.
Hawley’s Artists on Main Street program is one of dozens that have supported artist-led projects in communities across Minnesota and North Dakota since 2018. Hawley’s Artists on Main Street project is made possible statewide arts organizations, including Springboard for the Arts, Rethos: Places Reimagined, Lake Region Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage fund, and West Central Initiative.
All of the awarded artists have a personal connection to Hawley. Criteria used in awarding the grants included that Hawley connection, the uniqueness of each project, the value each project would bring to downtown Hawley, and the value each project would bring to the overall downtown community.
A breakdown of the artists and their projects:
Name: Jason Brookshire
Project Name: Hawley Historic Happenings
Summary: Mural
Location: Building on 6th Street
Name: Linda Beilke
Project Name: Hawley, My Colorful Hometown
Summary: Mural
Location: City Hall Chambers
Name: Anna Lassonde
Project Name: Budding Artists (Left Side)
Summary: Garden + Photo Op Cutout
Location: Community Center South Side
Name: Kara Schumann
Project Name: Budding Artists (Right Side)
Summary: Garden + Mini Art Gallery
Location: Community Center South Side
Name: Steven Ranweiler
Project Name: Plant & Mural Party!
Summary: Mural + Garden
Location: Community Center West Side & Front Garden
Name: Ashley Nelson
Project Name: Hawley In A New Perspective
Summary: Mural
Location: North Side of Building on 6th Street
Name: Christy Goulet
Project Name: Dancing Into The Future
Summary: Culture Dance Performance
Location: Historic Garrick Theater
Name: Tara Hager & Nicole Bentley
Project Name: Reflecting on Hawley & Rings
Summary: Mirrors Strategically Placed Throughout Downtown & Tree Ring Designs
Location: Several Downtown Hawley locations
Thank you, local artists!
Thank you to those who make the significant contributions to make this happen (listed below) 
Many of the projects will have a presence in Hawley’s downtown (or Community Center) long past this season.
About Artists on Main Street:
Artists on Main Street is a program developed and led by Springboard for the Arts and Rethos: Places Reimagined. Since the launch of Artists on Main Street in 2018, over 300 artists and creatives have attended Creative Placemaking Workshops resulting in a total of hundreds of artist-led projects in the twelve Artists on Main Street communities throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Artists on Main Street builds on the Springboard for the Arts core values of “incremental” and “lots of little” as a way to get a wide array of artists and creatives involved with their community, and to demonstrate what they love or want to change about where they live. Projects have ranged from temporary installations that add elements of fun and surprise to downtown life, to exhibits and events that foster interaction about community identity.