Recycling Center                    Cardboard Recycling Center

716 Front St                             614 Front St

Hawley, MN  56549                   Hawley, MN 56549

The Recycling & Cardboard Center Hours are

Monday -Sunday 8:00 am -8pm

 GOOD NEWS…we have Simplified the recycling sorting process and changed the layout of the roll-off recycling bin.  

 You can combine your clear & brown glass in Bins #1&2; combine your tin & aluminum cans in Bins #3&4; combine your #1, #2, & #5 Plastics in Bins #5,6&7; put newsprint in Bin #8; and put Office Paper & Junk Mail & Phone Books in the Large Box at the end of Bin #8.    

NOTE:  All Cardboard now needs to go to the Cardboard Recycling building to the East of the main building.    We needed to create more room for recycling of Plastics as they take up the most room in our recycling bin.   

If the recycling roll-off is not in the building, please wait an hour or so and come back.  It is being hauled to the recycling point and will be returned as soon as possible to the building.    Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

 All Cardboard will be put in the tan brick building at 614 Front St.  - Please break down cardboard flat and layer it into the bin. 

No packing materials can be recycled (no foam, air packets, styrofoam, foam peanuts, fillers, etc.)  Packing materials are normal garbage. 

 We will accept Household Appliances for a fee at the Recycling Center.  Please leave the appliance in the recycling center along the west wall and then bring the appropriate fee to City Hall or place in the Drop Box at City Hall with an explanation as to what you are paying for.  Envelopes Provided at the City Hall Drop Box.

 Appliances Without Freon $15

 Appliances With Freon $20

*Sorry but no TV's, no Computer Monitors, no tires, no batteries, no packing materials, no commercial florescent bulbs, no bakery type plastic containers, and no normal garbage please.