JULY 2019
When a Hawley citizen or business owner wishes to file a formal complaint about anything related to activities and responsibilities of the City, they may file a signed complaint in writing. This form will be provided by the City and may be requested at City Hall or printed from the City website. The form can be dropped off, sent by US Mail, or by e-mail. The complainant's identity is not considered public data and will not be publicly noted.

1. The City Clerk Treasurer will forward a completed Citizen Complaint Form to the appropriate department head and to the City Council for determination of what, if any, action shall be taken.

2. Formal complaints will not be accepted by telephone.

3. Formal complaints that are submitted anonymously will not be considered valid and action will not be taken.

4. Complaint Forms submitted by persons who are not citizens of Hawley nor Hawley business owners will be brought to the City Council for determination of what, if any, action shall be taken.

5. Once action has been taken, the Council may decline to address the same complaint more than once during a three month period of time.

6. Any complaints regarding the conduct or job performance of any City Employee or City Official may be given to the Clerk Treasurer or Mayor. No complaints against City employees by members of the public shall be addressed at an open meeting unless the employee requests it.

7. Upon the completion of any said action, the complainant will be notified of action taken.


NOTE: The City seeks to ensure that officers perform their duties with professionalism. Honest feedback is essential to maintaining a police department that is trustworthy and responsive to the communities it serves. It is therefore crucial that truthfulness be maintained in the filing and investigation of complaints against the police. Please be advised that Minnesota law {Minn. Stat. § 609.505} makes it a criminal offense to make a knowingly false and defamatory report of police officer misconduct.