Hawley Public Utilities

Hawley Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is an independent entity governed by a separate board of three commissioners.  These commissioners are appointed by the Hawley City Council. 

Since 1909, the Hawley PUC and the City of Hawley have partnered to provide this community with reliable and quality service, competitive rates and the fair and equitable treatment of all customers.

The following are the core operating principles for the Public Utilities Commission:

  • To remove the operations of these departments, as far as practical, from political influence-thus increasing efficiency.
  • To operate these departments on a strictly business basis by appointing qualified supervisory employees and holding them strictly accountable for proper and efficient operation.
  • To furnish the best service with the lowest rates consistent with such service.
  • In line with the aim to operate on a strictly business basis, the commission believes that the utilities should, in lieu of taxes, make a contribution to the operation of the city government.  

 The Hawley PUC is a member of Northern Municipal Power Agency (NMPA).   See their newsletter below.

Hawley City Hall, 305 6th St.

PO Box 69

 Hawley, MN  56549

218-483-3331   or   218-483-4619

After Hours Utility Emergency: